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The Glocalization of e-Books

North America from low orbiting satellite Suomi NPPHere’s an eye-opening article from Ebook Bargains UK regarding how glocalization is fueling the e-book juggernaut. I agree with their main premise–don’t think the micro-sites aren’t worth getting your book into. The biz is shifting every day. The Zon may not always be the biggest market for your work. The world is a HUGE place and some of us tend to be a tad short-sighted here in the US by not paying a lot of attention to what’s happening around the planet.

Improve your book’s discoverability

Reading glasses resting on an open bookhttp://selfpublishingadvice.org/blog/how-to-increase-the-discoverability-of-your-self-published-books-choose-the-right-kdp-categories/

Word of Mouth

Here’s a link to Kathryn Rusch’s great blog on how to sell  self-pubbed books.  I’m taking her advice and working with a great cover designer for the next Kate Jones thriller. Stay tuned!



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