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And…We Have Lift-off!

The Body Market_wbrdrenhancedEXCITEMENTE! Frabjous joy! and all that 🙂 THE BODY MARKET is LIVE! A HUGE thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a copy and an extra-special shout out to the Advance Reader Team–you guys ROCK! (want to be a member? Send an email to dvb@dvberkom.com and I’ll hook you up :-D).

It’s been pretty cool to watch the book hit etailers around the world–pre-orders are a great way to launch (yeah, even when you’re patience-challenged like myself 🙂 ) The book has sold way better in a bunch more countries than is usual for one of my launches, and I have to give the credit to pre-order availability. It’s definitely a keeper.

Anywho, if you missed the super-special low-price offer on the pre-order, don’t despair! There’s still time to download your copy before the price increases! (although, admittedly, not a LOT of time…) There’s even a bonus short story at the end featuring a character from the book. Prepare to be surprised…

Here are the links–feel free to bandy them about with abandon on any social media sites you might frequent. And, as always, an honest review is greatly appreciated 🙂

Amazon: http://bit.ly/bodymkt

Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/bodymktBN

iBooks:   http://bit.ly/thebodymktiBooks

Smashwords:   http://bit.ly/bodymktSW

KOBO:   http://bit.ly/bodymktKOBO

Have a GREAT weekend!




Cruising for Death–Goodreads Giveaway

Yeah, I’m crazed. I’m doing another Goodreads giveaway (and, check back next week for more free Kate Jones 😀 ) . I realized I hadn’t ever given away copies of the 5th Kate Jones Thriller, CRUISING FOR DEATH. This book was way too much fun to write–there’s romance, adventure, Voodoo, and pirate treasure all with a Caribbean backdrop–so I thought I’d remedy the situation and give away two print copies of the soon to be re-released book. Readers from lots of different countries are eligible, so go on, check it out! *Giveaway ends September 8, 2014 ***UPDATE*** Congratulations winners Linda Nieves Perez & Josh Taylor!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Cruising for Death by D.V. Berkom

Cruising for Death

by D.V. Berkom

Giveaway ends September 08, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Here’s the description:

Paradise Lost…

Kate Jones and her lover, Cole are on a luxury cruise in the Caribbean when a passenger dies of an apparent heart attack and the ship is boarded by modern-day pirates. Along with two other passengers, Kate is kidnapped by a long-lost enemy who wants to settle an old score.

Kate’s vacation turns into non-stop action when Anaya’s gunmen board the cruise ship and she finds herself on a jet ski surrounded by sharks, kidnapped, held captive, staked down over patch of fast growing bamboo, and drugged in a Voodoo ceremony. Add a 16th century Spanish shipwreck, hidden treasure, and an Obeah priestess and you’ve got trouble in paradise.

Will Kate escape certain death or end up as shark bait in the middle of the Caribbean?

It’s adventure in paradise and promises all the fast-paced action readers have come to expect from the Kate Jones Thriller Series.

Happy Thursday!

Kate Jones Series on Sale!

Kate Jones Thriller SeriesThe Kate Jones Thriller Series, Vol. 1 ebook (Bad Spirits, Dead of Winter, Death Rites and Touring for Death) is on SALE for a limited time for only .99! If you haven’t read the first four novellas in this bestselling series, now’s your chance to get ’em, CHEAP 🙂 Here’s the description (buy links and Smashwords coupon code at the end of this post):

BAD SPIRITS (Books 1-5): Kate Jones is on the run with a backpack full of money, intent on finding her way back to the United States from Mexico. Unfortunately, a ruthless drug lord named Salazar is just as intent on finding her, retrieving his stolen money, and making her pay for ever having left him. Is there anyone she can trust?

DEAD OF WINTER: Kate Jones is hiding out in small town Alaska when she witnesses an execution-style murder. Convinced the killers are Salazar’s men and desperate to stop them from finding her, she reports the crime to local law enforcement, hoping to put them off her trail so she can escape.

DEATH RITES: When Kate has to leave Alaska (and Sam) behind, she runs to the last place she remembers feeling safe: the North Shore of Oahu. Against her better judgment, she re-establishes old connections, and soon faces a new problem in Alek, a gifted carver and avid surfer.

Then a brutal murder and theft of a priceless artifact from a museum is discovered, and Kate’s thrown into the middle of what appears to be a violent ancient sect come to life. Her only chance of survival is to rely on her wits…

…and the ancient gods of Hawaii.

TOURING FOR DEATH: Kate Jones is hiding out from her shady past driving jeep tours through the rugged high desert of northern Arizona, determined to stop looking over her shoulder and find peace from her mistake of a gun-toting, former life. Testifying against a Mexican drug lord and a dirty DEA agent didn’t turn out to be a life enhancing choice and she’s been on the move ever since.

Now, five years have passed with no sign of trouble and Kate’s finally starting to believe she’s safe. Her current goal is to make enough money so she can get lost in the tropics when the tourist trade dies off. Unfortunately, it’s the tourists that are dying off and she may be next.

“…Great story, fast-paced, quick read and all around fun!”

“…it’s a non-stop thrill ride…”

“…It’s fast-paced from the get go and the action continues through to the end. This is how I like my books!”

Here are the links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The Smashwords coupon code is: TB87N (expires 7/23).

Happy Friday!

Serial Date on sale today!

Cover for Serial DateThe first book in the Leine Basso Thriller series, Serial Date, is on sale for .99 today only for Kindle and Nook! Here are the links:


http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0076RXI1S/?tag=12169-20 (this link automatically goes to the Amazon store of the country you’re clicking from)





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