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60 Minutes: Real Reporting?

Here’s a blog post by author/reporter Sam Quinones regarding the 60 minutes piece about heroin use in Ohio that aired last Sunday evening. As an author, what 60 Minutes did infuriates me and should do the same to anyone who values in-depth reporting. What happened to honesty and citing your sources? 60 Minutes used to be one of my favorite shows on television. Not any more.


5 self-publishing truths few authors talk about

Here’s an excellent post for folks thinking about self-publishing (and a good read for those of us who have done so, but haven’t yet achieved fame and fortune 🙂 )

5 self-publishing truths few authors talk about.

Self publishing in 2015 (via Anne R. Allen)

Bouquinistesseine1Here’s an interesting post from Anne R. Allen about the future of publishing:

And HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you be surrounded by people you don’t want to kill off in your books 🙂

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