Self publishing in 2015 (via Anne R. Allen)

Bouquinistesseine1Here’s an interesting post from Anne R. Allen about the future of publishing:

And HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you be surrounded by people you don’t want to kill off in your books 🙂


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6 responses to “Self publishing in 2015 (via Anne R. Allen)

  • Polly Iyer

    Interesting post and probably on target. I have been happy being my own publisher, but sales have dropped, and it’s because of KU, which isn’t good for indie authors. I don’t believe in the long run it will be good for Amazon unless they contract the Big Five, which hasn’t happened yet and may not ever happen. Will I stay with exclusivity? I don’t know and don’t have to make up my mind until February. I’ll have one more month to see how the KU kitty shakes out. Not being able to borrow a book doesn’t mean a reader will buy it, especially not from a lesser known author. The big authors will always have the edge and will always have the promos. Ms. Allen did say one thing that’s true: companies like BookBub selling book promos are the ones making the money right now. They have priced themselves out of my market, and have zeroed in on the bigger authors and publishers who can pay their inflated prices. Not to mention, they prefer the .99 and 1.99 sale prices because they’re more lucrative. It’s a wait and see game.

    Thanks for posting this.

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  • Polly Iyer

    Not ever? I should have said never. My editing is usually better. 🙂

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    • dvberkom

      lol Polly. I’d have probably written not ever, too.

      KU has turned out to be quite the cluster. I put a couple of boxed sets in to see what would happen and am going to pull out as soon as they come due. I had a lot of takers in the beginning and it appeared to up my visibility, but has recently dropped off a cliff. I’m looking forward to making them available across all channels.

      I’m with you on BB ads. Seems like the quality of self-pubbed books have really taken a dive over there (I’ve noticed a dearth of amateur covers/writing), which leads me to believe that a lot of indies are shying away from their pretentiously expensive offerings. Fwiw, I’ve found that free and 99 cent sales don’t seem to be as effective anymore, either. Time for something new!


      • Polly Iyer

        I just had two free books, one week after the other. Downloads were a fraction of what they used to be. The sales bump was not so great either. I did get some reviews, so that’s good. I might consider Smashwords when my contract is up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


  • dalefurse

    I can’t get a BB and ENT is tougher now too. I have decided that 2015 is going to be a great year. Here’s to good writing and selling in 2015, DV.

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