Top 10 Kick-Ass Women in Movies

Join me today on Lise McClendon’s kick-ass blog where I list my top 10 favorite kick-ass women in the movies. Who’s YOUR favorite?

Lise McClendon

You may have noticed my tagline for the website is “telling stories with heart, and a little kick-ass.” My guest this week is DV Berkom who writes thrillers with strong women protagonists  — not unlike my Rory Tate thrillers. (Hey when are they going to make *that* movie? 😉 ) DV aka Daphne likes kick-ass chick flicks too and offers up her favorite ladies who make men cry for all the right reasons.

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 I love to watch strong female characters in movies and read about them in books. When I was growing up, I read spy novels and watched a lot of James Bond movies. The Bond women were stunning but one-dimensional. I wanted to be the female equivalent of James Bond. I searched, but couldn’t find much in the way of this kind of female character, so I contented myself with made-up…

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