E-Book Expansion

Kindle 2, Kindle 3 & Kindle 4According to a recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life project, the number of Americans who read e-books is growing…

Well, dang. I coulda told ’em that 🙂




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3 responses to “E-Book Expansion

  • Yvonne Hertzberger

    Isn’t it sad how often we see ‘news’ that we could have told them already, not just in publishing, but in medecine, science, psychology – so many areas. I look at them and just go “Well, duh! I knew that.”


    • dvberkom

      But how can it be true if the ‘right’ people don’t know about it, Yvonne? 🙂 Makes me crazy when people don’t pay attention. I understand requiring double blind studies in medicine and such, but hate it when docs discount anything not spouted by the AMA. Kind of like publishing, where if you don’t do it the trad way, you’re still not considered professional by some folks. I take comfort in the knowledge that everything eventually changes whether they or you want it to or not.


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