Are Some Humans Born to Bully? Born to Be Victims? Can It Be Changed?

Interesting piece by Kristen Lamb on the source of bullying. Could it be in our DNA?

Kristen Lamb's Blog

One of the reasons I am SO HAPPY you guys take the time to comment and share your thoughts is your insights often highlight areas I might not have thought to address.  A commenter Mr. Dandylion replied to my publishing predictions for 2014 with darker thoughts, which included this phrase:

“A new author will commit suicide after a sustained online bullying campaign, most likely stemming from Goodreads; it will cause major headlines and public anger.”

Those words hit home and made me think. Granted, as a writer, I’ve experienced my share of trolls and (gratefully) only two LOONIES. But I have too many author friends (including NYTBSAs) who’ve been victimized by flash mobs of cyber-bullies. I’ve also had blogger friends who wrote on very innocent topics randomly victimized by gangs of trolls for seemingly no reason.

Oddly, when I tried to research bullying and bullying resources for yesterday’s post, I…

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3 responses to “Are Some Humans Born to Bully? Born to Be Victims? Can It Be Changed?

  • charlieray45

    Bullying is, unfortunately, endemic in our society. Why this is so is hard to figure, but I’ve seen it everywhere I’ve worked. The Internet has just made it that much easier for bullies to ply their ugly trade. Most of the trolls you encounter on the web are just bullies, who probably picked on the kids in their school.


    • dvberkom

      I’m sure the proliferation online has a lot to do with the perceived anonymity of the internet, Charlie. Most trolls/bullies don’t approach their posts and online dealings with the idea that it’s a permanent record, or that they can be tracked if it becomes necessary. Hopefully, things will calm down once their insensitivity and hatred comes back to bite enough of them. And, there are just more people in the world, so it stands to reason there would be more bullies. It always seemed like such a big waste of time to me to argue with anyone online…


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