Virtual Book Tour

Orangeberry Book ToursWell, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go on a 30-day virtual book tour for Bad Traffick. After much consideration (and other writer’s recommendations), I chose Orangeberry Book Tours to set it up (who has time to do their own these days?). So far, they’ve been pretty good at finding interesting places to post info about the book. A huge shout out to Dora, who has responded quickly and professionally to all my inane questions. The tour itself will be a combination of interviews, book features, blog posts and reviews, along with a variety of Twitter-blasting shenanigans that I can’t even begin to explain 🙂  It’s all good.

I’ll do a post after everything is over, once I’ve figured out the pros and cons of this particular type of tour. I’m interested in other people’s experiences with virtual tours–please leave a post in the comment section if you have any advice or ideas. Or, just leave a comment. I love hearing from you folks!

Below are links to the stops during the first couple of weeks, in case you want to mosey on over and show your support. I’ll be doing a giveaway (books and other schwag) on this blog at the end of the tour to three random commenters, so enter early and often by leaving a comment at these venues:

2nd April – Book Review & Author Interview at Mommy Adventures

3rd April – Guest Post at The Bunny’s Review

4th April – Twitter Blast with OB Book Tours

5th April – Book Review & Author Interview at The Reading Cat

6th April – Guest Post at Blog-A-Licious Authors

7th April – Author Interview at Working for Books

8th April – Book Review & Author Interview at Author’s Friend

9th April – Guest Post at High Class Books

10th April – Book Review & Author Interview at The Next Big Thing

11th April – Book Review & Guest Post at Books & More Books

12th April – Book Review at Brainy Book Reads

13th April – Guest Post at Life Altering Reads

14th April – Book Review at Aspiring Book Reviews

15th April –  Author Interview at City of Book Reviews

Thanks and happy SPRING, everybody!


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2 responses to “Virtual Book Tour

  • chris Karlsen

    Hi DV,
    As you know, I’ve done several tours, some long, some book blasts over a day or two, some review only, some combos. It sounds like this combo is good for not burning out. My best suggestion: reply to each commenter individually whenever possible. Best of luck on the tour!!
    Chris K.


    • dvberkom

      Thanks, Chris. Not burning out is muy importante. I also don’t want to burn out readers with too much information. Good idea on replying to each commenter. I’ll definitely try my best 🙂


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